Content with your content?

First impressions are everything. We've heard that a million times.

But, how much is about what lies beneath the surface? 


It's easy to convey the wrong thing to others...

You miscalculate how well you communicate.

You cause misunderstandings.

You leave out what matters most.  

The right words can alter perception and incite action. 

This is what high-impact communication is all about. 


The impact you want to make demands that you delve deeper.

It takes more to explain who you are and what you do.


People want to feel connected to you.

They need something meaningful and relatable.

Something that resonates.


They want your story. 

EFExTs knows the power of one drop.

You're not a tiny cog stuck inside a well-oiled machine. The influence you have with one person, can travel far beyond your reach. 
You may be a striving solopreneur or a thriving entrepreneur. You may have the vision of an artist, or share the musings of philosophers.

The point is, you can make a difference.  ​​

Our mission is to showcase the power of everyday people.
Our story is about the change-maker in you.


What's your ripple?