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Avi K: Challenging the norm by making inhalation devices that are healthy, safe and beneficial.

Sparq Life start-up phase. An eco-friendly, health-focused inhalation device poised to disrupt the vape market.

Strategy, Slogan, Statement, Copy Edits

Target audience: ex-smokers and people desiring a stylish, safe and healthier vaping experience.

Slogan: The evolution of inhalation.

Philanthropic promissory statement and cause-related strategy:

We use a percentage of your purchase to empower innovative start-ups to solve humanity's most pressing environmental challenges.

Other: Copy-editing and copy strategy consulting

More About Sparq:

Sparq Vitamin Air is a guilt-free and eco-friendly inhalation device that replaces nicotine and harmful chemicals with lab-tested vitamins, amino acids and botanicals.


By trading in nicotine and harmful chemicals for extensively researched nutraceutical ingredients, SPARQ® is imagining “the evolution of inhalation” where wellness is the ultimate goal. Our patented device, Vitamin Air®, is sustainably designed to improve the lives of users through positive lifestyle changes and social interactions. Teaming up with top scientific minds, SPARQ continues to research the realm of vitamin and herbal absorption through the lungs. We spare no expense in our commitment to producing meaningful and transformative innovations.

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